Greetings and thank you for clicking on my page! I’ve been a lover of fantasy novels and stories for longer then I can remember, so it’s a joy to be able to add to the genre here. Click above for info on me, my books, and info on other pages and mailing lists for you to check out. Explore and enjoy!


5/11- I recently was interview by International Book Promotions about my books, ,my journey as a writer, and my thoughts on publishing. Check it out here!

5/3- I will be taking preorder information for SILENT PANETHEON. Head to the links section for more info!

4/28- International Book Promotions has interviewed me and other fantasy authors about our writings and our process. Check out our responses here as they go live!

4/20- The first MYTHMAKERS GUILD newsletter will be coming out on the first of May! If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up and get on board!

Humbly yours,

Eric Nierstedt

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