Greetings and thank you for clicking on my page! I’ve been a lover of fantasy novels and stories for longer then I can remember, so it’s a joy to be able to add to the genre here. Click above for info on me, my books, and info on other pages and mailing lists for you to check out. Explore and enjoy!


1/15- Been quiet lately, but only because I’ve been busy! Three new videos going up in Media, two book reviews from E.G. Stone and LatinaRomanceBooks, and a new interview with E.G. Stone! ALso, check here for SILENT PANTHEON’s first ever award!

10/7- Just a reminder, the Springfield Library’s Indie Author Day is this Saturday from 1-4. Stop by and see me and a bunch of other authors if you can!

9/3- As promised here’s more info on my Springfield Author Event. It will be held at the Springfield Public Library at 1 PM at Springfield NJ. I’ll be talking about SILENT PANTHEON and my experience as a writer, as well as selling copies of the book. Come by to hear from me and other indie authors about the process and pick up some great stories.

8/12- Check out the site’s new media link, where you can look at interviews, trailers and more!

8/6- A couple pieces of news– SILENT PANTHEON is now available in paperback from Amazon, and I am working to be part of an Indie Authors event in Springfield NJ in October. More news as it comes!

7/29- SILENT PANTHEON will be temporarily unavailable from Amazon, as I’m moving to a new account on that site. Don’t worry, it’ll be up soon, along with a special suprise- PAPERBACK OPTIONS! That’s right, you’ll be to hold the book in your hands! More news coming soon!

7/12- There’s a special treat today, as I’m running TWO giveaways for SILENT PANTHEON! Check this link to download a special preview of the book, or enter at Amazon for the chance to win a free copy! All it takes is a few clicks!

6/28- SILENT PANTHEON is set for a July 1st digital release! Until then you can preorder using this link for whatever store you download from. Don’t worry if you don’t see your store right away, it will be added in soon. And for one week, all preorders and orders are just .99!

6/14- I’ve started a special contest to coincide with SILENT PANTHEON’s cover reveal this Friday, June 24th. Head over to my FB page for all the details!

5/11- I recently was interview by International Book Promotions about my books, ,my journey as a writer, and my thoughts on publishing. Check it out here!

5/3- I will be taking preorder information for SILENT PANETHEON. Head to the links section for more info!

4/28- International Book Promotions has interviewed me and other fantasy authors about our writings and our process. Check out our responses here as they go live!

4/20- The first MYTHMAKERS GUILD newsletter will be coming out on the first of May! If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up and get on board!

Humbly yours,

Eric Nierstedt

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