An urban fantasy of mythic proportions.

Healer. Teacher. Gravedigger. Mother. Trickster.

Once, five beings held these titles across five different lands. The people sung their stories across the Earth, and the beings gave them protection and guidance in return.

But the people do not sing anymore.

The beings that were once all powerful now live among the men and women they once protected. Replaced centuries ago, these five now work in secret, using their skills on a far smaller scale to continue to aid man. But now, their replacement has begun the end of man’s world, and the five must decide to either save mankind, or finally abandon those who forgot them.

For they are silent.

But they are still gods.

Stay tuned for more, but for now, enjoy these teaser images from cover artist PrettyAF Designs.

The Healer

The Teacher

The Gravedigger

The Mother

The Trickster

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